Positives and negatives in the franchise business

Positives and negatives in the franchise business

Finding a job in a new place of course takes a lot of time. Must know the way and look for shops or companies that are still accepting job vacancies. If you can get a job in a short time then the income every month will continue to exist. But if you can’t work, then you have to find a way to have an income every month. So not a few people who open a franchise business. This type of profitable business also has positive and negative sides in a franchise business.

You can get various types of benefits with a franchise capital. Hearing that you can do business with a franchise certainly doesn’t cost a little. Requires a lot of capital to be able to start a franchise. Franchise is a business cooperation with other entrepreneurs. Which in the form of a franchise we will buy recipes from the first party or help sell products using the company’s name or label.

It’s easy to do business without having to bother

Per-gestora – Opening a franchise business can be said to be easy and difficult. The convenience is that we don’t have to bother looking for materials and equipment because the first party will provide them. And difficulties in the franchise sometimes if they don’t match will suffer losses so they can experience what is called out of business.

To start a franchise business, we must first know the type of business, and see what products they offer. Before taking a franchise we must also observe the name of the sales system. Whether the product or business sells and is often sought after by many people in the franchise, there is such a thing as a black and white agreement in which you must meet all the criteria proposed by the franchise owner.

Then there will be many advantages or positive things in selling franchises. Not only positive but there is a negative side of the franchise. Many do not know that if we have a franchise capital, we must be prepared for all the risks. There will be various things and problems that must be handled directly when the franchise takes place. The following are positive things about using a franchise:

various types of businesses are ready//Franchise side

– Quickly start a business

No need to linger because when you have signed several procedures, you automatically agree and can open a franchise business. There will be directions until you can run your own business until you can.

– Product introduction

We don’t need to be tired of introducing products anymore. Because the product that you franchise already has a name, so you only need to put up a few banners or brochures so that many people know that someone is selling the product.

– Have a good cooperation party

Working with a franchise will help all your needs. Starting from a business strategy and some interesting promos you will get from the cooperation. Establishing good cooperation will help all processes become fast and easy.

– Get a lot of advantages

Opening a franchise business certainly provides many unexpected benefits. Starting from products that are already known to many people and product names that have been recognized by many customers, so you just have to sit and wait for the customer to come alone without having to be forced.

Disadvantages of opening a franchise business

– Can’t reduce or change the recipe

– Black on white agreement

Which we have to follow all the conditions that have been stated in the agreement letter

– Large franchise initial capital costs

To start a franchise, you have to pay a fairly large fee, such as: the cost of renting a counter, providing a place and other equipment.

– Sharing franchise profits